CCW STANDARD – Colorado – Class

CCW STANDARD - Colorado - Class


June 27, 2024    
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Colorado Firearms Training Classroom
address to be disclosed upon signup, Bailey, Colorado, 80421

308 Tactical Concealed Carry & Defensive Handgun 1 (12 Hrs) (CO/OR/WY/ID/MT/TX)
CCW STANDARD (RECOMMENDED – Firearm Training Included)


This event is provided by our Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and is not your typical local offering. Our instructors travel across the West Coast on selected weekends teaching real world, Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian proven concepts. You will learn fundamental and comprehensive concepts taught to our Law Enforcement personnel that will teach you the fundamentals of Defensive Handgun, including Defensive Accuracy, and the importance of being able to stop threat(s) in under 2 seconds. Included is state requirements for your states concealed carry application. We are also providing the UT Concealed Carry permit application which include fingerprints and passport photo. This is a private, reservation-only, group event. A minimum of (8) attendees is required for this event, with a maximum of (12). First come, first serve. A parent/guardian is required to accompany attendees under 18 years of age. No handgun experience is required. Drawing from a holster is an integral part of this course, so the appropriate gear, and semi-automatic handgun is required. We have rentals / purchases available if needed. Ammunition is availalbe for purchase.

Upon completion, you will have the skills necessary for personal defense inside and outside the home and receive a certificate for your states concealed carry application, in addition to the UT Concealed Carry application. Defensive Handgun 1 certificate is also included. Defensive Handgun 2 is available following this course. More info here.


    • DAY 1 (FRI – 5pm to 9pm) DAY 2 (SAT 8am – 4pm)
      Classroom Live Fire – Range
      Safety Fundamentals Defensive Accuracy
      Holster & Drawing Concealed Access
      Shooting Fundamentals Trigger Reset
      Gear Selection Presentation
      Ammunition Holster & Drawing
      Handgun Selection Emergency Reload
        Tactical Reload
    Private outdoor ranges (SAT). Private classroom (FRI).

    Full payment of $595 is required to reserve a spot. Please call us at 720-325-1393 or email us at if you have any questions.

    This course is PRIVATE and limited to 12 persons.
    Parent/Guardian required for under 18
    No Criminal Record / Mental Illness
    Semi-Auto Handgun (Rentals/Purchases are available)
    Holster (Rentals/Purchases are available)
    Magazines (3) / Holders (2) (Rentals/Purchases are available)
    Belt (tactical or rugged)
    Hat / Shirt (tight) /Shoes (no open toe) or Boots
    Ear (Electronic) (Rentals/Purchases are available)
    Eye Protection (ANSI Z87.1 and/or MIL-V-43511C min. rated) (Rentals/Purchases are available)
    250 Rounds Ammunition (Purchases are available)
    Food / Snacks / Drink / Breakfast / Lunch / Water (range is not near stores)
    Adverse Weather clothing (we train in all weather conditions)
    Your State, UT, FL, AZ Concealed Carry Certificate
    Defensive Handgun 1 Certificate
    Range Rental
    Range Safety Officers
    Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
    What about bringing someone who is not taking the course? Yes. Children and/or significant others are allowed, but not on ranges.